The mission of RHHP..

The mission of RHHP is to provide a Christian community setting where persons of various cultures learn from each other, the surrounding neighborhood, and life in Baltimore city. We believe that people's lives are blessed by being part of faith communities.

Monday, April 9, 2012

RHHP Easter

Laura and Amy
Laura's Israeli pizza - olives and kernels of corn.

Wilted Swiss chard an garlic topping

Many RHHP residents were out of town for the Easter weekend. Those of us who remained had an Easter pizza dinner. Ellen made the crusts for the pizzas out of mashed baby lima beans and whole wheat flour. It made a delicious crust that was simultaneously hearty, chewy and crispy. Other residents contributed the toppings. It was the first house dinner for our housemate Remi who recently obtained his asylum and became a long-term resident. It was a happy occasion.

For dessert, we had the remnants of a brownie Easter bunny that she made for an Easter lunch potluck.

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