The mission of RHHP..

The mission of RHHP is to provide a Christian community setting where persons of various cultures learn from each other, the surrounding neighborhood, and life in Baltimore city. We believe that people's lives are blessed by being part of faith communities.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

RHHP house blessing

Sitting around the kitchen table one night, our conversation drifted to the changes in the past couple of months with all the turnover in house residents. Remi and Bekoli shared that in their countries, it was common to celebrate with a party and ask the pastor to provide a blessing whenever there are significant changes such as the birth of a child or the purchase of a new house. We thought it would be a great idea to invite Pastor David Greiser of North Baltimore Mennonite Church to join us for dinner one Sunday night before the monthly house meeting and provide us with a blessing. Pastor David joined us on September 11 for dinner and shared a short message based on Dietrich Bonhoffer's "Life Together".

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