The mission of RHHP..

The mission of RHHP is to provide a Christian community setting where persons of various cultures learn from each other, the surrounding neighborhood, and life in Baltimore city. We believe that people's lives are blessed by being part of faith communities.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Putting up the RHHP Christmas tree

The action item following tonight's monthly meeting was to put up the RHHP Christmas tree. It is an artificial tree that leans to one side but it was a nice tree nevertheless. Ellen organized the making of origami and a paper chain which went well with the plastic and glass globes.

The annual RHHP Christmas breakfast

Once a year, Joseph brings out his fine china and decorations and makes a Christmas breakfast for all his house mates. True to form, he once again made his fabulous flan but with a new twist. It has cream cheese which makes it wickedly rich. He also made a great vegetable omelette, a baked ham and pastries. We could have easily had a few more persons at the table and still had plenty of food left over. Thank you Joseph for this great RHHP tradition.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good news and a request for prayer

After weeks of frenzied preparations and anticipation, Jeff and Sarah were finally married last Saturday at the North Baltimore Mennonite Church. It was a simple but lovely wedding that included a foot washing ceremony that symbolized their love for and submission to each other. A simple soup and salad dinner reception followed the ceremony. Children and adults tried their hands at whacking a pinata. Many visited over board games.

With this wedding, Sarah exchanged one room mate (Anna) for a life long one. Anna moved into another room on the first floor. We welcome Jeff into the RHHP household and look forward to all the different small and large projects he will do around the house. It will be great to have a real live engineer who is actually handy with a screw driver and wrench living among us.

On a somber note, we request prayer for our asylum seeker house mate who seriously injured himself while at work. He is at home recovering and continues to have doctor visits. He is receiving great support from members of RHHP and the African community in Baltimore but this is a trying time for him.